Jamie Mattison, College Instructor

   Mary Mantei was my coach for a year and a half. During that time, I had a certain set of skills that I wanted to develop and Mary helped me gain those skills. Without a doubt, she was a key factor in my success. Of course, I had to do the work to acquire the skills but she asked the questions, listened, provided expertise, and helped me plan actions to accomplish my goals.

   Mary has a way that encourages you to examine your thinking and helps you discover what is important to you. In her natural and unforced way, she causes you to think critically and precisely about the issues you want to discuss with her. Furthermore, I can tell you from experience that everything you tell her is kept in total confidence.

   Each individual brings different goals to coaching. Whatever your specific purpose is, Mary helps you clarify what you want and how you can achieve it. She helps you learn about yourself and how to channel that knowledge into action.

   Let me be clear. Mary doesn’t give you answers or tell you what you should do. Instead, using her coaching skills, she causes you to make your own decisions and take action. I can wholeheartedly recommend Mary Mantei as a coach.

Jamie Mattison
College Instructor